A unique
investment opportunity

in the capital of Europe

Expats feel at home here.

In a city like Brussels the demand exceeds the supply. European officials, lobbyists, NATO staff, executives of international companies, diplomats and researchers have prompted an enormous influx of expats. And these big earners are searching for an apartment in line with their status. They increasingly are zeroing in on the lively city centre.

The place to be. And to live.

Orfeo & Tosca fulfils the high quality requirements of this target audience. In terms of location, finish and prestige. Because the city centre is becoming increasingly appealing thanks to the town council’s revitalisation policy. So why not reap the benefits of this?

Profitable in every possible way.

Don’t forget that your investment generates added value in several ways:

  • In the short term, thanks to the high rental income and the great demand
  • In the longer term because the value of real estate in Brussels is set to increase
  • Real estate is inflation-proof, compared with many other investments
  • Interesting from a tax perspective because your real estate income is taxed, not your rental income
  • Compared with other forms of investment real estate by far is the safest investment.

IMMOBEL, a renowned property developer.

IMMOBEL is a renowned property developer active in Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland, specializing in the development of high quality residential buildings, offices, retail and urban renewal projects.

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Orfeo & Tosca.
The best of
both worlds

A unique building.

A quiet street in the vibrant city centre. A classy newbuild, which has been beautifully integrated in the historical Chambon site. A strong clean design, by A2RC ARCHITECTS and Jaspers-Eyers Architecten. A spacious and elegant garden, by the renowned landscape architect Wirtz. Orfeo & Tosca reconciles old and new, inside and outside, peace and quiet and joie de vivre.

A unique rental service.

Orfeo & Tosca has a lot to offer to its residents and investors. A rental service specialising in expats ensures that you can enjoy your investment without a care in the world. The efficient rental service generates rental income quickly and what’s more the rental service takes care of every last detail. In short, you no longer have to worry about the rental aspect of your property.

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